Through a full immersion extraction, Pilot Cold Brew brings out the nuances we prize in our coffee while providing the sweetness and body you’ve come to expect from such a brew method. It's then fine filtered to provide the cleanest result possible, and put into a can. Preserving its flavour and adding the rich and creamy texture that defines nitro infused Pilot Cold Brew.

Enjoy it straight from the can, or in a glass, either way, you’ll be left happy… and wanting more.


At Pilot Coffee Roasters we like to be precise with our measurements, so we’ve created a new design that encapsulates the ideal cold brew serving size – one that won’t leave you wanting, or have you wasting a drop. 

On the inside, it’s everything you love about Pilot Cold Brew. There’s no need to mess with a good thing. We’ve just found it the perfect fit – an elegant vessel that reflects its refinement.

Our drive to innovate led us to technology that extends Pilot Cold Brew’s shelf life exponentially, keeping its complex flavours and smooth effervescence for up to 3 months. So you can stock up and still taste summer long after the leaves turn.

Pilot Cold Brew is also available in convenient ready to go 4-packs. 


Pilot Cold Brew cans and 4-packs can be bought directly from any of our retail locations, as well as many other retailers around Toronto. 

Please note, we can not always confirm a stockist will be holding inventory at your moment of purchase. Please persevere, shelves will be restocked and our list of Pilot Cold Brew stockists is quickly growing.


Pilot Cold Brew is now available for offices and cafés through Mindful Snacks, our new wholesale distribution partner. For wholesale enquiries in the GTA please contact them directly, email;

If your customers are Cold Brew fans then take their experience up a notch and have it on tap. From novelty to indispensable classic, make nitro Pilot Cold Brew a fixture at your café or restaurant with our keg program. Available in both 10L and 30L sizes. Branded tap handles are also available upon request.