At Pilot, innovation is our driving force. We live for discovering new ways to experience coffee. We like to break barriers and defy convention. It’s that adventurous spirit that led us to our latest offering – Nitro Cold Brew Cans.

How it started:
Pilot was at the forefront of bringing cold brew to Canada. We started with the classic: slow-brewed over ice for several hours.  We bottled it up so our customers could have a stash of it at home and it went like hotcakes.

We saw the potential for something bolder, and we infused our cold brew with nitrogen, creating draft cold brew on tap. It was too good to keep to ourselves, so we installed taps at all of our locations and many of our wholesale partners’ cafes.

Now, after months of development, we’ve found a way package to this effervescent, exceptionally sweet and creamy coffee without losing its best feature – the silky smooth micro-bubbles.

How it works:
Through a full immersion extraction, our cold brew uses the interplay between temperature and time to bring out the nuances we prize in our coffee, while providing the sweetness and body you’ve come to expect from such a brew method; it’s the best of both worlds.  

Then it's fine filtered to provide the cleanest result possible, and put into cans on our in-house volumetric filling and nitrogen dosing line. Preserving its flavour and adding the rich and creamy texture that defines Nitro Cold Brew.

How to enjoy it:
Always keep cold, shake hard and pour.  Watch the beauty of the cascading bubbles blooming in the glass, or drink it straight from the can. No frills required.

Now available at these locations, with more coming soon!

Yours in Coffee - Pilot.