All of our coffees are specialty grade, which according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) means it has received a grading of 80-points or higher on a 100-point grading system. Pilot Coffee only sources coffees that have received a grading of 85-points or higher. 


Almost all of our coffees follow a Direct Trade sourcing model by visiting the country of origin and purchasing beans directly from the growers. In this model, there are no brokers, cooperatives, or any other intermediaries between the roaster and the producers. Seeing production first-hand also provides transparency on the growing and working conditions at each farm, so we can be sure we’re supporting sustainable and ethical practices. Simply put, Direct Trade is about lasting relationships that create the most mutual benefit. 

Although most of our coffees are sourced this way, we are not always able to personally visit each farm and producer. Look for the Direct Trade icon on the bag.


We love coffee, and appreciate the nuance of every bean. We also understand everyone's palate and taste preferences vary. To help you find the perfect cup, we share the following details on our bags and labels;

    Details about the farm (the producers' names, farm name, country, region, and altitude) and the coffee itself (the varietal and processing methods) can be found on every bag of single origin coffee
    Our roasting team cup our coffee daily for quality and consistency. A set of 3 distinct tasting notes are decided prior to the release of each coffee, the first 2 describe taste and the 3rd describes the texture
    Our sliding scale shows the profile of each coffee from the 'classic' (ex. rich chocolate, caramel) to the 'adventurous' (ex. bright, juicy and aromatic fruit notes)
    We roast, bag and ship our coffee on the same day and recommend drinking your coffee fresh, ideally within one month.
    For further information around aging times look at the parameter guides
     provided for each coffee. 
    When you see the Direct Trade icon on one of our bags, you know it has met this standard (see above for further details). 
    Our highest distinction for the most celebrated and unique small-lot coffees acquired by the roastery. Available in very limited quantities at retail price only. 


Charges for all subscriptions are submitted as your coffee is ordered. All subscriptions begin on the day of your purchase, and we roast to ship Monday through Thursday to guarantee a fresh coffee delivery every time.  

For further amendments or questions regarding your subscription, please contact: online-orders@pilotcoffeeroasters.com


PREPAID subscriptions automatically recur; deliveries continue as long as the selected subscription period.
3 bags of coffee must be selected per shipment. You can choose from these options:

  • 3 MONTH 
    Select any 3 bags of coffee and the frequency of your deliveries for a 3 month period.
  • 6 MONTH 
    Select any 3 bags of coffee and the frequency of your deliveries for a 6 month period.

PAY-AS-YOU-GO subscriptions automatically recur, selected coffee(s) will continue to ship at the frequency you have selected. You can choose from these options:  

  • 2 BAG 
    Select any 2 bags of coffee and the frequency of your deliveries.
    A $5 shipping fee will be applied at checkout to each 2 BAG subscription shipment.
  • 3 BAG
    Select any 3 bags of coffee and the frequency of your deliveries.
    Shipping included.
  • 4 BAG
    Select any 4 bags of coffee and the frequency of your deliveries.
    Shipping included.
  • 2.1Kg BAG
    Choose your 2.1Kg bag of coffee and the frequency of your deliveries.
    Shipping included.  


Orders placed Thursday through Monday are processed and shipped out the following Tuesday. Orders placed Tuesday and Wednesday orders are processed and shipped the following day. We ship whole bean coffee only.

  • Orders over $50 include free shipping throughout Canada using FedEx Economy.
  • Shipping throughout the United States includes a minimum $20 shipping charge – total price is determined by weight of the order.
  • 2 BAG subscriptions include a $5 shipping fee with each delivery applied at checkout.



We do not accept returns on roasted coffee. If there you have any issues or concerns with your order, please contact us at: 



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To redeem rewards, select any item under the “Rewards” tab with a value equal or lesser than your account points balance and allow the cashier to scan the QR code. Rewards are subject to change.

Available on Google Play and the App Store by searching “Pilot Coffee Roasters.” Accepted at all PCR locations. Collecting points and redeeming awards does not apply to online purchases from our website.

If you have any questions, please email us at: info@pilotcoffeeroasters.com 



PCR Gift Certificates can only be purchased and redeemed ONLINE, they can not be used in-store through the PCR Loyalty App.

PCR Gift Cards can only be purchased and redeemed through the PCR LOYALTY APP, they can not be used online.

Our 2 PCR gifting options are not interchangeable and can not be transferred between platforms.