Our team is made up of artists, photographers, cyclists, lovers of the outdoor, musicians, actors, and more, all united by our shared purpose to share great coffee with the world. When we started Pilot Coffee Roasters as a team of two, we set out to create a culture that we ourselves wanted to be a part of, to cultivate an environment that our employees were excited to walk into every day. With that intention guiding us, we’ve grown to a team of 65 in seven years.

We have a simple vision: work should be fun.

Work doesn’t need to feel like work. So what does that look like at Pilot Coffee Roasters? Like a ping pong table at the roastery, like Left Field Beer on tap, like how we all make a point to get together and throw an awesome party for ourselves on the regular.

We believe in creating opportunities for our employees to learn and grow and move towards what interests them most. We take staff to origin to see where the coffee they work with comes from firsthand and offer ongoing training for all of our employees. We also believe in work-life balance, offering health benefits to staff that have been with us for a year, and a company wide wellness program.

Pilot is made up many parts, each one as integral as the next. Through teamwork and collaboration, we make beautiful things happen. Read on to learn more about the roles at Pilot and to see where your talents may fit best. 


Baristas have one of the best jobs out there. They get to brighten people’s lives with amazing coffee and a few moments of friendliness and connection in their day. Our cafes can be a home away from home, an indispensable part of a morning routine, a community hub. Our baristas, supervisors and managers all play a part in creating an experience for our customers from the moment they walk in the door. Baristas, Supervisors and Manager go through a rigorous Barista Certification Program in Pilot’s Training Lab, learning how to master the science of espresso extraction and perfect latte art, while gaining an in-depth knowledge of Pilot’s beans.

Up at the crack of dawn, our professional kitchen staff operate with a lot of heart and exacting efficiency to create our line-up of warm out of the oven baked goods, healthy salads and fresh sandwiches to be delivered and sold at Pilot’s cafe locations across the city. 


Coordinating delivery schedules, processing online orders and coffee subscriptions, and delivering coffee in Pilot’s delivery vehicle.

Our Roastery Manager is able to see the grand scheme of things, while keeping on top of every little day-to-day detail that makes our roastery run. It takes efficiency, organization, coordination – and dare we say a bit of inspiration – to get the job done. 

A master of gadgets and gizmos, adept at tinkering and puzzle solving. There’s almost nothing worse than having your equipment crash during a morning rush, and our technicians make sure that won’t happen. And if it does, they’re on the scene in a flash. Our technicians just get machines and keep the gear ship shape. 

These folks excel at the face-to-face. Pilot Coffee Roasters values partnership, and our account managers are the ones who lay the groundwork and build mutually beneficial relationships with those who choose to serve and sell Pilot Coffee Roasters beans. Our Trainers share their talents, skills, and passion for crafting the perfect cup of coffee by leading our 2 part Barista Training courses, offered to the public and all of our wholesale partners. 

All our design is done in-house. We look for people with a keen eye for detail, the technical prowess and creative mind required to take Pilot’s character and distill it in the perfect visual expression.

This team puts their boots on the ground, scoping out the finest beans and building relationships with the people who make all of this possible the producers. Once the beans are in our hands, our Roasters and quality control crew are the ones whose watchful eyes and refined palettes roast and test each batch to exacting standards to make sure our customers are drinking the very best. 

One of newer divisions, this team brews and cans the champagne of coffee, everyone’s favourite smooth and effervescent portable refreshment Nitro Cold Brew in a can.