Cascara is made by dehydrating the coffee cherry (the coffee fruit). What results is a delicious superfood high in antioxidants and packed with flavour. It can be enjoyed in a variety of forms; either whole, steeped as a TEA or used in place of dried fruit.
This particular cascara (Costa Rican 'Helsar' – Organic) is produced in a dedicated cascara facility (in collaboration with Costa Rican University); the coffee is depulped and the cherry skins are washed with clean water and go through a vaporized chamber that heats very fast and very hot to kill potential bacteria. The skins are then put into a large dehydrator and then prepared for export. This is a Direct Trade product.
Expect a sweet fusion of notes, including raspberry, raisins, orange, honey and subtle green tea.
FARM: Finca Santa Lucia, Naranjo Region
REGION : West Valley, Costa Rica
ALTITUDE : 1650-1800m
VARIETALS : Caturra, Catuai + Villalobos
PRODUCER: Ricardo Perez
This farm has been certified with the following ORGANIC certifications; European organic, USDA-NOP and JAS