Córrego Lavrinhas – Brazil

You don't often hear about quality coffee originating from such low altitudes, but it is not always that simple. A unique micro-climate results in slower cherry maturation and a later harvest; sweetness and complexity can result.

This coffee is truly a microlot by Brazil standards – there are full facilities on site for processing and drying; the cherries are selectively picked by the family itself and dried on covered patios. This region is virtually unknown but you can expect to hear more from them in the future as more producers are able to get their hard work recognized.

This coffee has classic flavours of dried fruits, chocolate and nuts, with a clean and silky mouthfeel.

PRODUCER: José Evaldo Caliman
REGION: Venda Nova do Imigrantes Espirito Santo
VARIETY: Red Catuai
PROCESS: Pulp Natural, dried on covered patios