"We want to roast great coffee, and work with great people to do it."

But it is more than just 'great coffee'… It seems simple, but behind each bag of Pilot Coffee Roasters beans is a whole intercontinental network of dedicated individuals and a lot of hard work. What drives us is our passion. What guides us are our core commitments to quality, innovation and exceptional service.


"The perfect roast is only possible if it begins with the perfect green bean."

The first step to realizing our mission is finding the most amazing green beans this world has to offer. Beans that have the depth of flavour that tells the story of where they come from. We track down and source exceptional coffee by working closely with our trusted partners on the ground and travelling to origin to search the land ourselves. The truth is, we would be nowhere without the skilled effort of the farmers and the workers at origin. To honour this indispensable effort, we are always expanding our Direct Trade model. This involves us going to origin to meet our growers, tour their farms, get to know one another, and work out an agreement face-to-face. Through Direct Trade, we can be sure all of the premium prices we pay goes straight into their hands.

If you want to learn more about Direct Trade and improve your specialty coffee knowledge sign up for a Barista Training class today.